Favicon homefront
Vehicle type Light Armored Vehicle
Games found Homefront
Levels found Why We Fight, Golden Gate, Firesale
Maps found All That allow vehicles
Faction United States Armed Forces, Korean People's Army
Crew 2 (Driver, Gunner)
Bushmaster M242 25mm chaingun
Location(s) Turret
Ammo quantity Infinite
Rocket Launcher
Location(s) Independent Turret on Main Turret
Ammo quantity Infinite
Level unlocked Level 1
Duration Until Death or end of Match
Flares Infinite

The LAV-25, also known as the LAV Piranha when in Korean service, is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle in Homefront. It was used by the US Marine Corps before the occupation, but confiscated units are the main APCs of the KPA.


The LAV-25 is first seen in Why We Fight, when Robert Jacobs uses C4 to blow up the LAV which is blocking him from pushing out of the passenger plane wreckage, and into the next abandoned neighborhood. It is also seen in Firesale, next to the Hooters restaraunt, attempting to support KPA troops. In Golden Gate, the United States Armed Forces convoy tasked with retaking the Golden Gate Bridge, with help from the Resistance, included several LAVs.


In multiplayer the LAV-25 can be purchased for 1400 BP. The driver is armed with the light main cannon (Bushmaster Machine Gun), with a second gunner using a fully independent rocket launcher. Both of these are extremely effective at taking out enemy helicopters. Since it can easily defeat other LAV's and blasts away Humvees with ease, a player can rack up some serious vehicle kills quickly. In Ground Control this is an enormous help to allied infantry trying to capture/defend capture points.



  • The LAV-25 was originally developed in the early 1980s by General Dynamics in Canada.
  • Some of the KPA LAVs might be MOWAG Piranha I's, developed in Switzerland and on which the LAV-25 is based on.
  • In Homefront: The Voice of Freedom, Ben Walker and the California National Guard engaged a Korean convoy with an LAV-25. The Guardsmen used one of their Humvee's M430 grenade rounds to destroy the LAV's wheels, rendering it useless.

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