The following is an excerpt from a statement to the nation of Korea by Kim Jong-un,
President of Korea, broadcast on state television on Thursday:

"In ancient Rome, just three words were enough to protect any citizen: 'Civis Romanus sum': I
am a Roman Citizen. So great was the power of Rome that an attack on a citizen of Rome
was considered an attack on Rome itself. This is the message I am sending out to the world:
anyone who carries a Korean passport, anyone born in our great country has but to utter
these words: 'Na n'un (Chosun) shi-min in-mi-da' - 'I am a citizen of Korea'. If you can speak
those words, know that you will be protected."

"Our countrymen are under attack on the island nation of Japan. Because of their Korean
heritage we have seen their property destroyed and their persons assaulted, and in some
cases they have been murdered. Simply because they are Korean. My message to them is
simple: we will protect you. If we cannot protect you, we will avenge you."