To: Sojwa (MAJ) Hwang Yo-han

From: Sangsa (SSGT) Park Song-nam, 1st Echelon, 8th Infantry Division.

Subject: Contact Report

What follows is an account of the action which occurred on 12 APR 2029 at approx. 0800 in the Holloway Red Zone, Occupied Philadelphia.

0750 - Began mounted patrol of Holloway RZ.

0757 - Received orders to investigate possible Resistance activity near 100 block of Pritchard Lane S.

0759 - Pvt. Moon sights three armed individuals in the street 100 meters from our position. Hostiles flee before contact can be initiated. Squad pursues.

0800 - Patrol vehicle is overturned by an improvised device built into the road and destroyed by falling petrol barrels. Moon is killed by enemy fire.

0801 - Hostiles are spotted by Airship A01. Their position is relayed to nearby Goliath unit. 0802 - Goliath arrives. 1 hostile KIA. Remaining 2 escape.

Personal note: The Resistance fights without honor or humanity. They are vermin. We must give them, and those that support them, no mercy.

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