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The Korean People's Army Airship is a military aircraft in Homefront: The Revolution. It is developed by the APEX Corporation.

Description Edit

Loosely based off the HAV-3, the KPA Airship is a zeppelin made to flush out enemies in the Red Zones through the use of a threat detection scanner as a spotlight. Once the target is in the view of the scanner, the airship will make an unnatural noise to alert the KPA to the player's current position and will send soldiers and drones to intercept and kill the player until the player loses the Airship. Once out of its spotlight for a short period of time it will make another unnatural noise to signal the getaway of the player in which the KPA would stop pursuing the player and the Airship will search for other resistance members in the Red Zones.

It's impossible to destroy an Airship due to its advanced armor. The airship is also equipped with poisonous nerve gas to exterminate people of any city, which the KPA deemed as out of their control.

The Duster Drone serves as the protection for the airship against SAM turret or any others kinds of anti-air weapon.


Trivia Edit

  • Strangely despite its purpose, it seems to target the player only and not other resistance members.
  • The noise it makes when spottingh and losing the player, appears to be a altered version of a airship fog horn.

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