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"God damn propaganda."
Boone Karlson

KPAR 88.3 FM is a New Korean Federation of Occupied America controlled radio station operating in Colorado.


Along with the usual news reports such as weather, it also reports on new laws dictated by the Korean People's Army. It first broadcasts in English, then in Korean. As opposed to the Voice of Freedom which broadcasts what is really going on in the occupied states, KPAR broadcasts Korean propaganda news. KPAR can be heard in Robert Jacobs' apartment before he answers the door, and after he is rescued by the Resistance. The second broadcast is informing people that the Resistance members were responsible for the deaths of the civilians caught in the skirmish that took place during Jacobs' rescue.


Why We FightEdit

"Good morning Montrose. You're listening to KPAR 88.3 FM. (Korean) 안녕하세요. 당신은 KPAR 88.3 외무성를 듣고 계십니다. It is another beautiful day in the Colorado territory with highs in the mid-to-upper fiftees and strong winds expected from the east. The days are getting shorter and every citizen of the Montrose partnership has been reminded that curfew has been moved up to 1800 hours. Early to bed, early to rise. Now back to the music that makes your work day 'float with efficient cooperation'."[1]


"Good morning Montrose. You're listening to KPAR 88.3 FM. Our top story for this hour: 24 American civilians were dead in the wake of a shooting spree by a local insurgent group. KPA authorities are searching for Connor Morgan, believed to be responsible for..."[2]


  • The KPAR stands for Korean Provisional Authority Radio.
  • The female Korean voice is performed by Vittoria Lee, who is a staff member at Kaos Studios.
  • The news on KPAR is likely always good - a common attribute of a dictatorship.


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