John Tae-se
2007-Time Magazine
Status Deceased
Birth 1982
Nationality North Korean
Family Joe Tae-se (father)
Jin Tae-se (grandmother)
Affiliations APEX Corporation
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution

John Tae-se is the Premier of North Korea and CEO of the APEX Corporation.


John Tae-se was born to renown APeX Computers founder Joe Tae-se in 1982. He grew up idolizing his father and was obsessed about his American heritage. At some point in his life, he tried yet failed to search for his unnamed American grandfather that he never knew, but he was convinced that his heritage is entwined with the United States.

Jun Tae se

John Tae-se at the APEX Keynote in 2004, a year after his father's death.

In 2004, John inherited control of APeX Computers following the death of his father. Believing in his father's ideology of technology making order from chaos, John took the Ryesong Ideology too literally than his father had intended. In his mind, he believed that peace and order can be enforced through control, and that control is enforced through technology.

Within months of his acquisition of his father's company, John renamed it as the APEX Corporation and created the Advanced Weapons Division that produced the finest high-tech weapons and equipment demanded in the world. However, he ensured that every piece of APEX technology is chipped with remote access that allow APEX to secretly control over huge sections of the world's militaries. By 2022, Tae-se became involved in politics and subsequently becoming Premier of North Korea in a landslide election. This unprecedented situation of being both leader of North Korea and CEO of APEX allowed the company and country to fuse together.

During his years as Premier, John negotiated with the United States government to settle its mounting foreign debt to North Korea after their investment in APEX military technology for their wars in the Middle East. However, the U.S. proved itself unable to repay its debt and negotiations were stalled. Tae-se later proposed of placing America under Korean occupation to providing humanitarian aid to the economically unstable U.S. until it was able to pay off its debt. He does so by remotely shutting down the entire U.S. military that was heavily dependent on APEX technology, and allowing North Korean military forces to enter the U.S. unimpeded.

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