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James Crawford
Death Determinant
Nationality American
Affiliations Korean People's Army
The Resistance (formerly)
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution
Voice by Clive Wood

James Crawford is the secondary antagonist of Homefront the Revolution. He is a member of the Resistance and a mole serving as a KPA collaborator.


Not much is known about Crawford although he claimed that he has been in the Resistance from its foundation before working as a KPA Liaison Officer and allowing him access rights in the Occupation.

Crawford helped Ethan Brady to infiltrate into the Ashgate Yellow Zone via monorail to deliver a Goliath brain to Heather Cortez. Afterward, Crawford helped Brady and Jack Parrish in stealing a Goliath.

After an apparent traitor in the Resistance sabotaged the Goliath and delaying their attempt to free Benjamin Walker, Crawford proposed another plan is by having Brady arrested and brought to the same courthouse where Walker is being kept while allowing him to open a route for the Resistance to rescue Walker. However, the courthouse was a trap. Crawford revealed himself to be the traitor and working alongside with Mayor Simpson. Although the key members of the Resistance managed to escape, many Resistance fighters were killed including Heather Cortez. Due to Crawford's betrayal, the KPA launched a series of retaliatory strikes on all Resistance outposts in Philadelphia, resulting in the Resistance's near collapse.

However, the surviving members of the Resistance managed to mount a bold attack on City Hall in which Mayor Simpson was murdered. This resulted in the KPA releasing nerve gas in Philadelphia; an action that Crawford was appalled by. He was eventually found by Jack Parrish and Brady, the latter two demanded the former reveal the location of the Duster Drone control center to stop the gassing. Crawford relented but promised to help Parrish escape from the city. However, Parrish does not honor his end of the deal and abandoned him while leaving his fate to Brady, who has the choice of killing for his treachery or letting him live so he can be meet his fate at the hands of the vengeful residents of the city.

After Parrish walked away, Crawford angrily shouted after him that his efforts is a lost cause.

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