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Korea on Tuesday called America's call for sanctions against its occupation of Japan
"hypocritical" and blamed the United States for the spread of chaos and discord around the
globe. Korea, which claims it is occupying Japan in an attempt to stamp out an attempted
genocide against its citizens, taunted the US from Pyongyang, saying, "How can a regime
that can barely feed its citizens or heat their homes gain the respect of the rest of the

Ahmad Jannati, a leading Iranian Cleric, offered his country's congratulations to Korea on
national radio. Iran has taken strides in recent months to align itself with Korean interests in
East Asia, providing weapons and fuel at reduced rates.

Other East Asian nations also pledged support for Korea's mission in Japan. Najib
Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, has provided two elite Renjer battalions for
counterinsurgency operations in Japan.

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