Huh Kyung-Young
Nationality Korean
Affiliations Korean People's Army
Appears in Homefront (mentioned)
"These guys are the very model of a modern 'spec-ops' team - they never complain, they go for hours and they're total perfectionists."
— Huh describing KPA special forces to a reporter.

Huh Kyung-Young (Korean: 허경영) was a drill instructor of the Korean People's Army Special Forces.


Huh Kyung-Young helped train the KPA Special Forces shortly after the reunification of Korea. In 2017, Huh provided a reporter with a tour through a newly constructed Special Operations training facility an hour south of Pyongyang. After the tour, they watched a series of demonstrations of maneuvers and tactics, using high-tech gear from around the world. When Huh was asked why the troops seemed to be training on American-made weapons and vehicles, he simply replied: "Americans make the best weapons, and we want only the best." Huh went on to explain that his military wants to be prepared to take part in future peacekeeping operations anywhere in the world. "Only then," Huh said, "will the world understand that Korea has arrived."[1]


  1. North Korean special forces aim to be "best in the world"