Horace Danziger
Status Deceased
Death April 8, 2025
Nationality American
Family Wife and daughter
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

"Fight the bastards in our streets and neighborhoods. Pick up any weapon you can find and kill the first Korean you see. Organize into resistance groups and give them hell. I wish you luck."
— Danziger's defiant last words

Horace Danziger was an American talk-host and internet blogger.


Danziger rose to becoming a media sensation by being one of the few outspoken critics of the Greater Korean Republic, as well as criticizing the United States government for being unable to doing anything about the rising Korean threat.

When the Koreans invaded the U.S., Danziger was taken prisoner by KPA authorities to the California State Prison in Lancaster that was turned into corralling popular dissidents. Danziger was later interrogated by the Korean agent Salmusa and shown some defiance against the occupation.

In response, Danziger was hanged and his death was publicly photographed and his photos distributed to serve as an intimidating example to the American public from voicing against the occupation. Although Danziger's death frightened some people, it however backfired in convincing many other Americans into becoming more determined to fight back.