Status Alive
Nationality American
Affiliations United States Armed Forces
Rank Private
Appears in Homefront
— After a T-99 MBT bursts through a wall at the Lime Point Lighthouse.

Private Hernandez is a soldier in the United States Armed Forces in the 185th division in 2027.[1]


Hernandez takes part in the Battle of San Francisco. Along with Connor Morgan, Robert Jacobs, he and several other soldiers assault a KPA controlled marina under the Golden Gate Bridge. He spots KPA soldiers with RPGs moments after they destroy the helicopters, telling their locations to the others. After securing the first area he is ordered by Sgt. Keyes to open the gate allowing them to advance. Some of the soldiers go on ahead when they are ambushed by a KPA tank, Jacobs soon destroys the tank. He makes it up the bridge with the other soldiers, after Connor and Jacobs make it up the bridge and help secure a foot hold on the bridge.

After making their way down the bridge two KPA Sentry towers activate and an enemy helicopter moves in and starts strafing the American troops, on its first run it knocks Jacobs off the Bridge. Jacobs however survives, and after moving along the underdeck of the Bridge climbs back up to the deck behind the Sentry towers and KPA soldiers and takes them all out. Jacobs grabs a AAWS-M Launcher and destroys the enemy helicopter, Hernandez can be heard celebrating. He later helps take the enemy AA guns and helps defend them from enemy reinforcements.


  1. Golden Gate

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