Heather Cortez
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Status KIA
Nationality American
Affiliations American Resistance
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution

Heather Cortez was an engineer for The Resistance. Considered the brains of the Resistance, she was always on the look-out for useful tech.


Not much is known of Heather's life prior to the invasion of the KPA. She had her sights on joining MIT, indicating that she was talented in the field of robotics [1].

Heather works in the Ashgate Yellow Zone after joining the Resistance. She is first encountered when Ethan Brady made his way to the safehouse in Ashgate in order to deliver the Goliath brain captured during the assault on Ned's Armoury. Not willing to jeopardise the Goliath brain due to its complicated nature, Heather instructs Brady to find some Seeker brains so that she can perform some tests on them before actually testing the Goliath brain.

Death Edit

During the assault on Independence Hall, Heather came to the rescue just as Parrish and the rest were on the verge of being overwhelmed by the KPA. She controlled the captured Goliath and provided enough firepower to enable them to escape Independence Hall. However, while escaping, she was wounded after being hit by some shrapnel from a destroyed Goliath. Brady and Parrish managed to carry Heather onboard a pickup and escape, but Heather died before they made it back to base.


Sources Edit

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