Dana's super-secret suicide mission will need some help. With the resistance bruised and bloody, she'll need the help of me and the other inmates if she wants to get the job done. No idea what she plans to do to Simpson, but it won't be pretty. To get to him though, we'll need some specialist help.

Mickey-Two-Shoes - He knows the tunnels underneath Philly better than anyone, he'll be able to get us to City Hall without the Norks even realising. Pretty sure he is being held by the KPA somewhere though, I've not seen him around for week. Idiot probably got drunk and killed another Nork or started a brawl or something fucking stupid like that.

Franklin - He's the best sniper I've ever seen, he would be perfect for this job. The fact he is a little crazy and hates the Norks means he'll probably agree to come along as soon as we bust him out. I need to find his rifle before Brady breaks him out otherwise he'll kill me! I know I left it around here somewhere.

Gina - She'll be in a real bad mood after being locked in an iso box for this long. If we can get her out she'll definitely want to come along to get some payback on the Norks and Simpson. City Hall is going to be well defended and our best chance at fighting our way through will be having Gina along.

Hayley - We'll need a distraction or five! Big ones that confuse the KPA and buy us enough time to... well, to do whatever Dana plans to do to Simpson. Hayley is always keen to blow Norks up so if we can find out where they are hiding her, she should be happy to join us.

I provide the people, Brady gets them out, Dana provides the weapons, and Simpson provides the entertainment. It's going to be one hell of a party!

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