I was sat around drinking with some of the others last tonight, and we got to talking about the rest of the world. As in, where the fuck are they and why aren't they fucking helping us?

I guess if it's not happening to you, if you don't have to deal with this shit in our own back yard, then it's easy to ignore. Whether it's people in some shit hole country being massacred by the thousands, or just some bum on the street you pass on your way to work. You figure it's not my problem. Why should I get involved? Got to look out for number one, right?

But then one day, you're the bum, or it's your people being massacred, and now you're the one who wants to help, and when it doesn't come, you curse those people for not acting.

Maybe if we'd have helped those people in the past, they'd be the ones saving us right now. But we're selfish fuck ups. And no one's coming to save us.

I guess that's why I became a Collaborator; got to look out for number one, right?

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