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Gunnison, Colorado
Games Homefront
Location Near Montrose, Colorado
Faction Occupied Town
Residents Brooks

Gunnison is a town in the former state of Colorado. Little is known about it except it houses a Resistance Cell which included Brooks. Since a Resistance Cell is present in town, and the fact that it's in Colorado, points towards Korean Forces occupying the town.


The resistance cell was shown in Fire Sale, when the Resistance Cell brought white phosphorus mortar rounds and a mortar launcher, as well as ground troops to help take over the primary Korean supply center in Montrose.[1] They also appear in The Wall, when the remaining Gunnison Cell forces helped the Montrose Cell blow a hole in the Korean dividing wall surrounding town, so they can capture a Korean Fuel Shipment in the level Overwatch.[2] They aren't seen afterwards. It is likely that the Gunnison cell was in Montrose for a major raid when they were trapped in the town by the Wall. Gunnison likely has a labor camp to draft citizens for the shale mines.


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