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Favicon homefront
Green Zone
Game Homefront
Team KPA

U.S. Armed Forces

Weapons Any weapons selected
Enemy weapons Any weapons selected
Objective Objective selected
Enemies Other team

Green Zone is a multiplayer map in Homefront.

In Game DescriptionEdit

This commercial/industrial district was fortified and designated a "green zone" by the Korean Provisional Authority. A raid conducted by scattered U.S. forces will attempt to route the KPA from the area.


  • The map appears to be a neighborhood in Denver Colorado as a city and mountains can be seen in the backround, but there is a sign that says Heading Toward Oakland , and the Bay Bridge suggesting that it might actually be in California
  • Green Zone is U.S. Military classifications for areas secured in a region being occupied. It is mentioned that the KPA have set up a command and control method similar to the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Denver is said to be where the KPA ships in hardware and equipment aimed at mining shale and other Rocky Mountains minerals.

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