Only June and it's already looking like it's going to be another meager harvest. Crop production at the Green Park agricultural center is severely stunted and, at this rate, there won't be enough to meet the quotas for Ashgate, let alone the rest of the city.

Plant growth is way below the two-year average. I know because I've been taking measurements and soil samples - old habits die hard.

I saw the effects of acid rain before when I did my post-doctoral studies at Rothamsted (that was 40+ years ago!), but nothing like this. The rain dissolves nutrients in the soil and washes them away before the plants can absorb them.

Normally we would combat this with fertilizer, but our overseers refuse to give us any out of fear it might fall into the hands of the Resistance bomb-makers. I've lodged a formal complaint with my supervisor, but I don't expect them to listen to a cranky old ecologist.

Dot received a letter from Charlotte. It's heavily censored, but she says she's well and enjoying camp.

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