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Malaysia became the fifth country to join Kim Jong-un's "Greater Korean Republic" on
Tuesday, joining Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Korea. The Prime Minister of
Malaysia joined Kim Jong-un at the GKR Parliament Building in Pyongyang for the flag-
raising ceremony. The ceremony included the national anthem of Malaysia and a signing
ceremony, followed by a lavish banquet. Over the next several days, representatives are
expected to focus on trade talks between member nations as well as a decision on whether
to allow Cambodia and Vietnam to join the Republic.

The GKR is an economic and military alliances with the mission of growing the strength of the
East Asian region through a united monetary policy and a central military command. The
GKR Central Bank, the economic headquarters of the Republic, is based in Seoul and is
tasked with setting and enforcing monetary policy among the member states of the GKR.
The military capital, the GKR Strategic Command, is located in Pyongyang and is responsible
for coordinating defense and training of the militaries of all member states.