Representatives from the Greater Korean Republic and the United Nations monitored the
first democratic elections in Nigeria since the start of ethnic strife last year, with both
groups declaring the process a "success." The GKR intervened late last year after civil war
marred the Nigerian landscape and widespread ethnic violence led to what is now officially
recognized as a genocide, resulting in the death of nearly 300,000 people.

Ambassadors and officials around the world are lauding the KPA's intervention as a "true
peacekeeping mission" and "a selfless act of humanitarianism." Along with aid missions to Sri
Lanka and relief efforts in Cuba following last year's devastating hurricanes, what was
formerly international suspicion of the Greater Korean Republic appears to be transforming
into a more positive opinion.

The GKR has also offered on several occasions in the last two years to help the United States
with material and military support, but the US has flatly rejected all offers of aid from
outside North America. Although the situation in the US has begun to stabilize, many are
questioning what place the former superpower has, if any, in a world now led by East Asia.

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