French Republic
(République française)
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The French Republic is a democratic state with a semi-presidential republic and a former major wartime ally and partner of the United States. The largest country in Western Europe, France is a founding member of the United Nations with a permanent seat on its Security Council and a key member of the economic coalition known as the European Union.

Homefront TimelineEdit

As the Greater Korean Republic rises to replace the U.S. as the world superpower, the EU, including France, is severely weakened alongside China and America. In August 2015, with the global economy worsening and oil prices wildly fluctuating, Russia and Ukraine sign a "mutual interest pact" that cuts off all oil and natural gas trade with the rest of Europe. American commentaries note that this will result in a "mighty cold winter in Europe" and predict that by December, the French are likely to be burning Versailles in an attempt to stay warm, with Russia unlikely to surrender their own oil to "warm up any frogs".

France is likely one of the 46 nations who voted in favor of a United Nations non-binding resolution condemning the destruction of a Japanese power plant by the Korean military as a human rights violation after Japan is absorbed by Korea, and several months later, French authorities present evidence at the U.N. seemingly proving that Korea is using existing Japanese infrastructure to develop nuclear weapons; the evidence included satellite imagery that showed the Korean military operating in and around Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant in Aomori Prefecture.[1]


  1. North Korea suspected of developing nuclear weapons in Japan