To the person who has been tracking me.

I have always known someone was following my work. Despite always being several steps behind me it gave me a greater sense of urgency to complete my work knowing you were not too far behind.

I suppose you're wondering why I am addressing this to you now? Well it is simply because we are at the end of things. My experiments have proved fruitless. I was unable to unlock the door to mankind's future. I don't know where I went wrong. Perhaps it was the test subjects? Perhaps it was the lack of facilities and research equipment at my disposal? But perhaps it was simply that mankind is not ready to ascend. We aren't worthy of moving forwards.

I have seen the potential within humanity. I saw it first hand during the fighting. It was shown to me, illuminating my mind in glorious incandescence. It was then I knew that I was tasked with glorious purpose. To dig deeper into the soul of man and usher forth the next step in our evolution.

It would seem that I have failed in my task, however. I am not worth of the great work assigned to me all those years ago.

There is nothing left for me. It is clear that we are doomed as a species. All my work was for nothing.

Perhaps upon reading this you will understand my life's work?

I hope it brings you some comfort in the coming dark that someone was trying to prevent our down fall.

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