The President is leaving office after serving for two terms. The following are excerpts from
his farewell address: "The United States is a changed nation. Since I took office eight years
ago during what many have described as the worst economic depression in the history of the
country, coupled with the most viscous pandemic in human history, we have been forced to
make some very difficult decisions in order to preserve our Union. Martial law, illegal for
hundreds of years, became a necessity as we were forced to abandoned our homes. Without
the help of the fine men and women serving in uniform, many would have resorted to theft
and murder under the threat of starvation and alienation. I have been called dictator by my
opponents and megalomaniac by my allies, but I have always promised you that the
moment the necessity was gone our soldiers would leave our streets. Today marks the day
that the Army turns over control of Detroit to civilian authorities, ending martial law for
good in this country."

It is a testament to the vision of our forefathers that this great country has been able to
endure the trials and tribulations set before it, and come out stronger on the other side. It is
a testament to the strength of the American people that they have been able to sacrifice and
change and make do as we work together to rebuild our country. Much of our country is
transformed beyond recognition, by disease and famine and death and resource depletion -
but it is a truism that the only constant in this world is change. And it is important to
remember that even though the physical appearance of our country has changed, her soul
remains pure and bright, a shining light in a world gone dark. This peaceful transition of
power is a testament to that fact."

"It is my deepest wish that my successor can take the work that we have done as a country
and continues to grow us into a new nation, embracing change as a positive thing while
remembering the foundations that our country is built on. I wish you all a fond farewell; it
has been an honor to serve you in this darkest of hours. God bless you all, and God bless