(Retrieved from a hacked KPA National Logistics Office and translated.)

I am writing to confirm that the mining equipment has arrived successfully. As I mentioned in my last communication, there is an extensive amount of woodland that will need to be cleared in order to excavate the resources at peak efficiency. To that end I humbly request that I am sent the necessary equipment to deforest the area.

I believe that once we have cleared the woodland around dig site 01 it will take us approximately one week to establish our mining operation and begin harvesting. Our estimations is that we will extract all the ore from dig site 01 in approximately seven months based on current projections.

This means that my team and I can move on to dig site 02, which offers considerably more potential than the first site before the year ends. Our geologists report that 02 is significantly richer but also deeper which is why I have requested the new experimental deep mining rigs from Korea as I believe it has the best chance of success with site 02.

I have also received confirmation that I am to proceed with operations at dig site 02 as soon as possible despite reservations regarding the American National Park that it sits below. I have been assured the approval for this operation come from high command directly and so I have informed our other teams that will be joining us for that combined operation.

I look forward to receiving your response so that we can resolve my request in a timely fashion.

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