Eagle 1 is the callsign of an American fighter jet in 2027.[1]


After coordinated American forces took control of KPA AA batteries, American fighter jets were finally able to support friendly ground troops. Eagle 1 was called in by Warpath when Connor Morgan lit a flare and ran towards an enemy armor column to identify hostile forces. Eagle 1 and the other three fighters in his team deployed their ordnace on Morgan's location, destroying the column and allowing American forces to advance on the bridge.


  • Judging by their engine nozzles, shape, and tail fins, the fighters are likely F-22 Raptors. It is unknown where they were kept before the raid on San Francisco.
  • Several Raptors, likely Eagle One as well, are seen engaging Korean Su-47s in the skies around the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The planes are the same in game model from Front Lines: Fuel of War, another Kaos game.
  • Eagle should be the callsign for the older American F-15 Eagle. Of course, it is likely that the F-15 was phased out by the time of the events of Homefront.


  1. Golden Gate

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