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Donovan Memorial Park
Games found Homefront
Location Montrose, Colorado
Faction KPA

Donovan Memorial Park is a baseball field in Montrose, Colorado.[1]


In 2027, American Resistance members Connor, Hopper and Robert Jacobs discovered that the KPA was using Donovan park as the site for the mass graves of hundreds of dead civilians. Connor became enraged and opened fire on the soldiers there, after a brief firefight the Resistance soldiers killed all the guards and destroyed the two sentry towers there. Colonel Jeong arrived with several soldiers to look for the Resistance members, who had hidden in one of the mass graves. One of his soldiers, Sgt. Moon suggested they could be hiding in one of the graves. Jeong ordered his soldiers to open fire on the graves to see if the Resistance members were hiding there, however both soldiers missed the Resistance members, after which Jeong and the other soldiers left to continue their search. Connor, Jacobs and Hopper would leave soon after.


  1. Freedom

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