Status Deceased
Death July 22, 2026
Nationality American
Affiliations American Resistance
Voice of Freedom Network
Appears in Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Derby was the alias of an American radio man. He made broadcasts denouncing the Korean occupation of America and encouraging his fellow Americans to fight the Koreans to regain their freedom.

On July 21, 2026, Derby rendezvoused with Ben Walker, the legendary Voice of Freedom, and Kelsie Wilcox in a coffee shop near Blue Valley Park, Kansas. He attempted to help them break into a college in order to make more broadcasts. However, he and Eric, a janitor of the college, were caught by a squad of KPA soldiers led by Yi Dae-Hyun. Derby lied of being the Voice of Freedom before requesting a megaphone for "one last broadcast", which he warned Walker and Wilcox to abort the mission before he was executed.