Dana Moore
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Status KIA
Birth 2002
Death 2029
Nationality American
Affiliations The Resistance
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution
Voice by Hannah Taylor Gordon

Dana Moore was a member of the Philadelphia Resistance. Known for her ruthless nature, she wa one of the Resistance's best tactical leaders, taking the fight to the KPA whenever she was needed.


Dana was a convict, convicted of fraud, manipulation, and aggressive behavior. [1] She was imprisoned in Riverside Penitentiary and was sexually abused by prison guards and the warden, William Simpson. Although Dana testified before the Department of Corrections of Simpson and his collaborators' crimes, her testimony seems to be for naught after Simpson countered the argument in regards to Dana's own criminal and violent history. [2]

Sometime after the Korean occupation, Dana joined Jack Parrish's resistance cell in Philadelphia. Her time in the resistance established a strong bond with Parrish, whom she treated like a brother.

After being betrayed by James Crawford, Dana and Parrish came up with a final last-ditch plan to storm City Hall and capture Mayor Simpson. Upon capturing Simpson, Dana suffered an emotional breakdown and killed her former tormentor on live television. Simpson's murder by her provoked the KPA to gas Philadelphia.

Dana and the resistance attempted to storm Independence Hall to shut down the Duster Drone control center that protects the KPA Airships. However, they are prevented by a Goliath, which wounded Parrish. Dana then chose to sacrifice herself to save Jack and Brady by suicide bombing the Goliath much to the shock of her compatriots.

Gallery Edit


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