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In Why We Fight, after sneaking past the KPA squad escorted by a T-99 tank, the group comes across a crashed passenger aircraft. The plane was apparently brought down two years prior in the EMP attack. It make a hard landing in an empty Montrose suburban neighborhood; breaking into five major pieces. The tail section, the rear economy area, the wing section, the first class, and the cockpit. Other pieces such as the landing gear and engines are strewn across the area.

Judging by the cockpit, tail fin, engines, and the cross section, the plane is either an American Boeing 757 or a Chinese Comac 919. Due to the economic crisis, it would be an older 757, or it would be a more advanced imported aircraft from a better industrial market like China.

The plane is painted white with only a red stripe. It is said to be flying for Freedom Airways. The real Freedom Airways is a small connection carrier with no large aircraft. Perhaps several airlines united with eachother due to economic crisis like Continental and United in 2011.

The KPA have set the crash site up as an outpost and ambush the Montrose Resistance cell as they push foward. A KPA Blackhawk drops several soldiers onto the left wing and a LAV attacks the group as they near the front of the plane.

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