Movie idea #1

There's this international assassin (called Cook), and he's a shit-kicking, name-taking badass with a supermodel girlfriend. And it turns out he's the only one in the world who can stop a group of cryogenically unfrozen Nazi's from building a deadly weather machine, with the intention of destroying America. How does he do this? - guns!

Title: Cookin' up Trouble

Movie idea #2

A sequel to Cookin' up Trouble - With the resurrected Nazi's having built their deadly weather machine, Cook has to stop a deadly super storm from destroying America, using the deadly tools of his deadly trade - guns!

Title: Cookin' up a Storm

Movie idea #3

A sequel to Cookin' up a Storm - With America now reduced to a post-apocalyptic wasteland due to a deadly super storm. Cook must somehow unite the disparate groups of survivors, and work toward restoring civilisation. How does he do this? - with guns!

Title: Cookin' up Hope

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