Games Homefront
Location United States of America

Colorado is the 38th state in the United States of America.


Colorado was badly affected by the economic recession in which several small towns in the state were almost deserted. It was invaded by the KPA in 2025 and annexed into the New Korean Federation of Occupied America, being renamed as the Colorado Territory.[1]

The Colorado city of Montrose is one of the main settings in Homefront. In 2027 the GKR has a shale mining operation underway in Colorado Springs and Montrose.[2]

Following a major Resistance raid against the GKR's main supply depot in Montrose, the GKR systematically massacred the population in an attempt to destroy the Resistance. This triggered a massive uprising that saw the surviving cells from both Montrose and Gunnison destroy the wall encircling Montrose, allowing the survivors to escape.


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