Favicon homefront


Just ten years ago, massive ships carrying enormous containers were an everyday sight at
any large ports in the world. The recent economic slide has turned the ships into an
endangered species; many sit abandoned in ports across the world. The Korean military,
however, may have found a new life for these relics of the Age of Oil. Its ranks, newly
swollen from the integration of soldiers from the member states of the Greater Korean
Republic, the GKR Army has been on the hunt for a flexible means of transportation, and
they think they've found it.

The first converted cargo carrier left from the Port of Busan in Korea today, carrying a
contingent of troops to Japan to help quell the rebellious Northern Prefectures. The
containers have been heavily modified for the purpose, and are constructed in such a way
that they can be unloaded at port and be shipped to their destination, usually a military
base. The container house all of the amenities a unit needs to survive in the field, including
personal effects. A modular system that has functional plumbing and air conditioning, many
have been reinforced to give troops under fire additional protection in the case of an attack.

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