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Games Homefront
Location United States of America

California is the 31st state in the United States of America.


In September 2016, the Californian state government reacted to the fuel crisis in its state by implementing a rationing system, focusing on interstate shipping with an emphasis on food and medicine, and to discourage using gasoline for personal transportation.[1] Two months later in November, California joined Texas and Florida in enacting strict border control policies with the states along their northern borders. The federal government was called in to aid in California's quest to put an end to illegal border crossings.[2]

In 2025, California was one of the first parts of the American mainland to be attacked and invaded by the Korean People's Army. Edwards Air Force Base was taken by the KPA within 24 hours. By 2027 a slave camp was established in the Silicon Valley region. Several important locations for the KPA are located in California. San Francisco was the headquarters for the Greater Korean Republic in the occupied United States; San Diego is the main military headquarters for the KPA; and Los Angeles is the propaganda capital for the whole occupied territory.

In 2027, U.S. military forces launched a massive coordinated attack on San Francisco and San Diego. American ground, naval and air forces were successful in securing key footholds in the attack, and were successful in taking the cities, and soon the whole state of California. The San Francisco and San Diego attack proved to be the turning point in turning the tide against Korean occupation.


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