Favicon homefront
Nationality American
Affiliations Survivalists
Appears in Homefront

Bud is a member of a Survivalists camp in Utah.[1]


Bud was on a patrol with Lou. They were close enough to hear gunshots being fired, prompting Lou to curiously ask Bud about it. Bud figured it was a KPA patrol looking for their helicopter, which Lou wasn't aware that their group had a helicopter. Bud said it was behind the church at the other end of the camp, because The Captain didn't want anyone finding it. Lou said he doesn’t go behind the church because he heard there are KPA snipers in the woods. Bud thinks that's the "dumbest goddamn thing" he’s ever heard. After Bud calls Lou stupid for believing that, they continue down the road, not noticing the Resistance fighters sneaking past them.


  1. Heartland