Big Box overview picture

Big Box
Game Homefront
Team U.S. Armed Forces


Weapons Any equipped or picked up.
Enemy weapons Any equipped or picked up.
Place Abandoned Tiger® store
Objective Ground Control

Team Deathmatch

Enemies The other team

Big Box is a multiplayer Homefront map that comes in the DLC pack 'Fire Sale'.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Many big-box stores, built around the concepts of volume sales and inexpensive imports began to crumble as early as 2009; their husks a monument to failed consumer culture. This former® store has found new life as a KPA ammo and fuel depot.


As Big Box is a small CQB map, an SMG or shotgun is advisable. However, if the player wants to climb up the edges, it is open enough to provide sniper or LMG fire. The outside of the store itself has plenty of hiding places to launch a drone and as the roof is open, which can be advisable, especially if there are enemies camping on the shelves towards the middle of the map.


  • This map is based on the® store in Fire Sale

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