Benjamin Walker
Status Alive
Nickname(s) Voice of Freedom
Birth 1994 (age 34-35)
Nationality American
Affiliations The Resistance
Appears in Homefront: The Revolution

Benjamin Walker is a central figure of the Resistance in Homefront: The Revolution.


The Voice of FreedomEdit

Walker intended to travel to Philadelphia to meet the Resistance cell's leader Jack Parrish. He was part of a small Resistance cell who were planning to help smuggle Walker into the city's Green Zone and meet up with a cell lead by Harvey. However, Walker's cell unwittingly trespassed into the Red Zone occupied by the 9-0, a violent gang that do not tolerate either the KPA or Resistance. Walker and the cell are then forced to enter into the subway tunnels claimed by the 9-0. After fighting both the 9-0 and KPA, the cell found an entry to the Green Zone in which the 9-0 broke into a KPA facility inside the zone. Walker reluctantly separated himself from the cell as they try to hold off the KPA.

The RevolutionEdit

Walker managed to arrive at Harvey's safehouse, but discover his contacts were captured and executed by the KPA. Walker only managed to save one of his contacts, Ethan Brady, but was wounded in the process. The two took shelter inside an abandoned house, where Walker rested while Brady searched for a way to contact the Resistance. After Brady left, Walker was found and arrested by the KPA.

After Walker's capture, the Resistance under Parrish saw to rescuing him as their high priority. However, Walker eventually broke under torture and was televised in which he condemned the Resistance. His brainwashing caused the Resistance to abandon the rescue mission.



Walker after being rescued by Brady and Cook.

Sometime after the Resistance liberated Philadelphia, Walker was being used as the Koreans' propaganda mouthpiece in which he denounced the actions of the Resistance. Indeed, his words effectively demoralized the Resistance and caused some to desert. Due to this, the Resistance planned to eliminate Walker. However, it was revealed that he was forced by the KPA to demoralize the Resistance through torture and hostage killing if he doesn't comply to their needs. He was eventually rescued by Ethan Brady.