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Angel Island
Angel island
Game Homefront
Team KPA

U.S. Armed Forces

Weapons Any weapon selected
Place San Francisco, California, United States

Angel Island is a multiplayer map in Homefront.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Over the years, Angel Island has served as an army post, an immigration center, and a national park. It now serves the KPA as a base for comm stations and SAM sites. In order to retake San Francisco, the Marines will have to capture Angel Island.

Single PlayerEdit

The Angel Island Comm Station is mentioned in the level Golden Gate, while Robert Jacobs is climbing the Golden Gate Bridge, Sierra Actual called in artillery fire from Firebase Bravo destroying the Comm Station, with an estimated 15+ casualties.


Angel Island is a ground control only map due to it's enourmous size. The objectives are situated at either end of a road, Charlie being a burnt-out house and Alpha a farm building. Bravo is at one end of the bridge crossing the road. Bravo served as a lookout post for the SAM sites across the bridge. Angel island is tactically perfect for snipers, which is why SAM sites are located there. It has the tallest mountains of all the maps.