Faced with a lack of food and a looming winter, many Americans have decided to take
matters into their own hands. Promising food, clothing and protections, warring gangs have
taken over many urban centers and continue to fight with elements from the National Guard.

Originally deployed to distribute aid and restore order, the National Guard has fallen under
criticism for its perceived ineffectiveness. "We're simply stretched too thin," a spokesman
for the Guard told me earlier today. "We're simply not equipped to deal with gang warfare
on this scale. At any one time, there are multiple conflicts in a dozen cities going on
simultaneously. We just can't deal with them all effectively."

The president called his staff into an emergency session earlier this week, the main topic at
hand being the deployment of military personnel into the hardest-hit cities. Although this
action would violate the Posse Comitatus Act that has stood since the end of the Civil War,
many believe that a broad deployment of the US military inside the country is the only way
order can be restored.

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