The aircraft carrier USS John C Stennis joined the USS Theodore Roosevelt as being the
second ship of its type to be decommissioned this year. Part of a broad goal on the part of
the military to downsize and re-focus its efforts on fourth generation warfare, large capital
ships have become to be regarded as redundant, expensive and inflexible. A brief, but moving
ceremony accompanied the handoff from the Captain of the ship to the shipyard commander
at Puget Sound.

The USS John C Stennis was contracted in 1988 and commissioned in 1995. The Carrier has
participated in operations all around the globe including exercises in the Persian Gulf, and
with the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force and the Republic of Korea. The last two years
have seen a series of announcements regarding the re-focusing of the military's priorities, as
combat trends towards a more agile, "digital" army of the future.

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