NKFOA Solider
Unlocked at None
Magazine Size 30 or 45 rounds
Fire Mode Semi-Auto or Full-auto
Ammunition 5,45x39mm
Used by

Korean People's Army
American Resistance

The AK-74 is a Soviet-designed Assault Rifle, a direct descendant of venerable AK-47/AKM line of assault rifles, introduced in 1974 and originally chambered for 5,45x39mm rounds.


AK-74 was originally to be featured in Homefront and was probably to be used by the military forces of Greater Korean Republic. However this rifle never made actual appearence in the game due to it being cut from the game at some point during development (most likely replaced by Chinese T3AK Assault rifle), besides several appearences in the game's offical wallpaper and loading screens.

Homefront: The RevolutionEdit

At least several AK-74 rifles were featured to be used by Resistance forces in Homefront: The Revolution as per game's cutscenes, while this game's version of North Korean armed forces use their own ingeniously-developed weapons model line.

Image GalleryEdit


  1. The current whereabouts on why the AK-74 was dropped is unknown, but it is likely that Kaos Studios wanted the Greater Korean Republic to have more Asian based weaponry which might be one of the main official reasons on why the Chinese Assault Rifle T3AK had replaced the AK. However, it is worth to be noted, that real-life North Korean army in fact do utilise their own version (possibly of Chinese origin) of AK-74 rifles in early 2010s[1].


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