AH-1 Cobra

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The AH-1 Cobra series of helicopters is an American-designed attack helicopter. It is meant to be used in a gunship role, offering close air support to friendly troops.

KPA UsageEdit

AH-1 helicopters were used in the armed forces of Japan, South Korea, and Thailand--all under the rule of the Greater Korean Republic.

AH-1 helicopters were used in the opening wave of attacks in the Korean-American War in 2025, as Korean special forces seized Hawaii.


  • The AH-1 is not used by KPA forces in-game, but it appears in the opening cinematic depicting the opening attack on Hawaii and it is highly plausible to see KPA using cobra's since the former south korean military operated 90 AH-1F/S cobra's variants.
  • All of the American AH-1s have likely been upgraded to and replaced by the AH-1Z Viper currently in starting production with the U.S. Marine Corps.

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